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is the meta thing hanging over this entire issue. >> do you think that's right, that the obama administration had a road to damascus moment where they came to learn to embrace this, or was it that they got this political pushback from lindsey graham and republicans -- >> i think that there is a certain amount of truth. i wouldn't call it a road to damascus moment. there's a certain amount of truth that the obama administration acquiesced to the late bush administration after the courts got done dismantling the more aggressive policies of the bush administration. they said we're going to keep some of this stuff. that's what happened at the national archives speech in 2009. but i think guantanamo is not an essential facility. we can safely house terrorists inside the united states no matter how dangerous they are. what happened with guantanamo is that the administration bungle eld t ed the politics and they decided they weren't going to prioritize this and it wasn't worth what they felt was losing other aspects of their agenda and democrats in congress got scared and basically said no, we're no
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)